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Super So What?

I went to a class during the week. Right? What day is it? What time is it? Who am I? Is there anything in my brain besides wedding planning? No? Ok

All I remember from last week is that at some point, in some class, one student sat out petit allegro, not because of injuries, but because it was too fast/hard. And I won’t lie that it gave me an ego-boost to be able to do something that someone else found too difficult to even attempt. You know? Like, how awesome am I? Am I the best ballet dancer… in the world?!

Just kidding, sort of. I did feel proud about it and I’m not ashamed of feeling proud, ok? Plus I freaking love petit alleeegroooo it’s my jaaaaaaam

Then I went to class on Saturday morning, the new class I’ve added to my must-go schedule. I’ve been a few times before; Taylor teaches it. But she had warned us there would be a sub. I liked the sub! I thought she gave a good mixed-level class.

During center combinations, she had us do the combination as usual in groups, and then she gave us one more chance to do it, but facing the back of the room. She said she always does this in her classes. After the first time we did it, she asked for comments/thoughts. No one was talking so I spoke up. I said, “It makes it easier to pretend you’re performing.” Why do I always speak up like this even though I’m a shy person? Being uncomfortable with awkward silences overrides my shyness, I guess. But anyway, it really did! It was easier to just let go and try to express yourself with your body. Instead of peering into the mirror and thinking “oh God.” I actually liked it. I thought I’d get all disoriented and confused about placement, but I didn’t!

Speaking of petit allegro, the sub gave us a really difficult combination. Let me try to remember. It was like, soubresaut*, coupe-sauté, changement, assemblé, jeté, coupé, pas de bourée, pas de chat…. I don’t think that’s quite it, but something along those lines. Basically it was SO HARD because we didn’t start with a glissade lol. The whole class was a really good “dance brain” workout. Apparently her normal class is on Monday nights, which is unfortunate since I already have a Monday night class. I really liked her!

After class, I continued my speaking-up bravery streak and talked to a fellow student. I even initiated the conversation, if you can believe it. As we were all packing up to leave, I noticed she was pulling on a shirt with the name of the university I work at on it. So I went up to her and I said, “Do you work at [name of the school]?” She said no, but that she was a grad student there. I said oh, cool, and looked at her shirt again (which I later cringed about because I was like staring at her chest while reading the words and I think it was awkward) and said, “in Chemistry?” she said yes and I told her I worked in the department that I work in. She said, “You guys are right near us!” and I said I had just been to the Chemistry building for the first time recently (which was true) and it was a super nice building. She then said, “It really is, I mean [so-and-so] basically paid for all of it, so, ha ha.” So-and-so sounded vaguely familiar but I couldn’t quite place the name. Someone well-known on campus? A local celebrity? Or a regular celebrity? A sports guy?? I couldn’t put my finger on it in time. So, of course, I laughed knowingly and said in an ironic tone, “Ha, ha, well, that’s fine!” and turned around and put on my shoes and left. “That’s fine”??

Why. Am. I. Like. This.

Things I could have said: “Well, my name is ___ what’s yours?” “Nice talking to you!” “See you around!” “Great job in class!”

Well. At least I tried.






*Today I Learned: The term soubresaut. I had to post on instagram to finally figure out this spelling (thank you sylvia_dancer and mandybee1990!). I always assumed it was “Super So,” which, of course it’s not. Or maybe, if I thought a little harder about it, which I never did until now, I would have thought of “Super Saut.” But no, it’s an actual real French ballet word. I thought it was just one of those terms like “B Plus” that makes no sense but is what it is. SMDH!

I just googled it to get the meaning of the French word and google says it means “blip”? That’s cute!


  • Sylvia

    Love the Vaganova figures!
    I always thought that B-plus was called that for Balanchine. I think he was the first to use it, but if not he at least used a a lot and made it popular.

    • K

      I have heard that too! But “B Plus” still seems random to me even if it does stand for “Balanchine Plus.” Like, what’s the “plus” about? Because our legs are crossed like a plus sign? That’s a pretty messed up plus sign if so. I should look these things up more often…

      I do know I’ve taken classes where the teacher has been very anti-B-plus and have us stand in fifth or whatever instead. These same teachers have also turned their noses up at saying “5, 6, 7, 8” lol

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